Breathe : Talk : Share : Move

Update (April 2012)

I will not be holding classes until Fall 2012 due to maternity leave. You may still contact me for life coaching or any other questions.


As mothers it can be easy to share with others the happiness and joy we experience when our baby is born. But what about the hardship that a life with a new baby can bring along? Maybe you are familiar with one or more of the following possible post-partum challenges: Sleep deprivation, loneliness, baby blues, boredom, not feeling you are your old self anymore, feeling uncomfortable with your new body, insecurity about your career or when to get back to work, guilt whenever you are thinking about yourself, wanting to be better than your own parents – a perfect mother, confusion about what’s the right decision (when the baby is crying or doesn’t sleep), the (changed) relationship with your partner, no interest in sexuality, exhaustion, and perhaps you still struggle with the outcome of giving birth if it didn’t go the way you had imagined. If so, you’re not alone.

In this body-centered support group I want to offer a space to share all kinds of experiences and feelings a new mother might have. By breathing, moving, stretching and dancing I want you to feel more energized and joyful each time you leave the class. This vitality will be brought home and you might find it easier to connect with your family when you’re more confident within and with yourself.

I want to provide a space to develop ways to strengthen each other, and learn to make time and space available for yourself. The goal will be to help each mother find out what works for her, with her baby, in her given situation and her family and explore a realistic picture of herself as a mother. Each class will begin with an introduction to a topic (such as your birthing experiment, your relationship with the partner or on wanting to be a perfect parent etc.), followed by a time for sharing. Then we will explore this topic in a physical way through movement and breathing exercises as well as (self-)massage, singing and meditating to feel our bodies and minds alive and balanced. Beyond the work we’ll be doing together in class, many exercises can be practiced at home. The class will also help you to connect with like-minded mothers and their babies, build friendships, and support each other in the weeks and months to come.

Your baby is welcome to come to this class with you. It will be an important exercise for you and your baby to learn that you can be together but doing something primarily for yourself – with your baby. Rest assured, there is no expectation that babies be quiet and happy for two hours. Feel free to meet yours and their needs, whether feeding, changing, rocking him/her and then come back to the exercise we’re doing. We are often astonished to learn how different each baby is and how interesting it is to get to know the mothers and their babies. If you prefer, you are also welcome to attend on your own.

Time and place:

Tuesdays, 10:30 – 12:30 PM; at the Dance Exchange, Studio 2,  7117 Maple Ave. Takoma Park, MD (map, two blocks from the Red Line – Takoma Metro)

The six week course schedule is here.

Begin: Tuesday, January 17 (no class on January 24)

Last session: Tuesday, February 28

Course Fee:

$25 drop-in, $125 for all six sessions paid by Monday, November 14, PayPal, check or cash.

I accept payment via PayPal. Register and pay to:

Maximum number of participants: 8 mothers and their babies


Please send me an E-mail to and tell me your and your baby’s name and age and any further information that might me useful for me to know beforehand like back problems, injuries etc.

To bring:

A baby blanket, baby sling so you have free arms when baby needs to be held while you want to move, warm socks (no shoes allowed in studio), comfortable clothes, perhaps a quiet baby toy.

Participants are welcome to attend to their baby’s needs at any time.

Food and drinks may only be consumed outside the studio except for baby bottles.